• Business Interruption & Extra Expense

    Business interruption insurance claims are subjective by nature. Without an expert forensic accountant working only for you, it can become increasingly complex to calculate the full scope of loss given the many variables at play. These variables change dramatically from loss to loss.

  • Builder's Risk

    When a construction project sustains physical damage, we provide the essential services to help quantify, document and present the full scope of loss related to Hard Costs, Soft Costs, and loss of income from the delay in completion of the project.

  • Litigation Support

    Policyholders and their litigation team often enlist Rollins to objectively measure the losses sustained from physical damage and provide related expert witness testimony.

  • Business Personal Property

    Expertly evaluating, documenting, pricing, and presenting the physical property loss to your insurer expedites the recovery process, ultimately returning your organization back to business operations.

  • Cyber

    When you suffer a breach in security or cyber attack, our experts will accurately measure the digital and physical damage, the cost of recovering, and any resulting Loss of Income.

  • Fidelity / Employee Dishonesty

    When a rogue employee commits a nefarious act, our experienced CPAs look deep into the details of your business to identify the discrepancies connected to the theft. Rollins calculates, documents, presents, and proves the full economic damage to your insurance carrier.

  • Product Recall

    When the quality or effectiveness of your product has been compromised, we diligently trace the source of the problem to properly quantify and present all economic damages to your insurer.

  • We will help you get the most from your loss!

    We will help you get the most from your loss!

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    Your team at Rollins Accounting did an outstanding job of taking all the raw data for the affected business units, and formulating it into a consistent model that fully captured our Business...

    Karen Coneys

Why Rollins?

Since 1994, our expert forensic accountants and inventory specialists have worked closely with policyholders on insurance losses of all sizes, helping them achieve a reasonable and defendable measurement of damages for a fair recovery under the terms of the insurance policy.