When a fire, hurricane, flood, tornado, man-made disaster, or any other type of catastrophe suddenly impacts your business’ operational efficiency, the potential customers and revenue loss can compound every day. As you focus on your customers and employees, do you have the required skills and ability to determine what your true business income loss and economic impact will be? How will you support and present that valuation accurately to your insurance company so you recover what you need to save and restore your business? And just as important, do you have the time or resources to allocate to this complex task when your business has just suffered such a material loss?
Our forensic accounting experts work solely on your behalf to measure, document, and present your business interruption insurance claim. We consider all factors, both immediate and long-term. With strategic insight, we create models and strategic paths for capturing the loss, along with immediate solutions for mitigating the loss, such as reducing the policyholder’s exposure to lost sales, contracts, customer accounts, and orders. Our experienced team will also track mitigating and expediting expenses throughout the period of restoration and extended periods of indemnity, and work through any complications related to coinsurance issues.
We supplement this with our comprehensive knowledge of extra expense coverage. Often the most under-utilized element of an insurance policy, this coverage provides the policyholder a lifeline to resume operations and minimize the suspension of the business. Our team has expertly and innovatively assembled extra expense claims for a variety of industries. This involves precise tracking of extra expenses by establishing an accounting system and document management protocol for the loss. We also strategize multiple extra expense scenarios to help mitigate damages, manage and audit all claim-related expenses incurred throughout the claims process, and monitor the extra expense claim as it correlates to the claim for business interruption. We maintain a constructive dialogue with insurance company consultants throughout the process.


Meet Our Team

Our purpose is to optimize our clients’ potential for complete indemnity under the terms of their insurance policy.

  • We work exclusively for the policyholder.
  • Quantifying insurance claims is our sole focus, not just one division of a larger corporation.
  • We take the burden and workload off of the policyholder to accurately measure and present their loss.
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Proactive, Create, Results-Oriented Approach


Review & Understand

With our experience in numerous industries and countless claim scenarios, we are there as your expert to clarify the next steps for full indemnity as covered in your policy.


Quantify & Document

We know what can be missed, where to look, and how to properly measure and document the full scope of your loss.


Present & Discuss

We prepare the most precise and strategic presentation of your economic damages to your insurance company, and are proactive in verifying every detail to help you secure and expedite full indemnity under the terms of the policy.



As your expert, we maintain constant communication between the carrier and policyholder’s team throughout the entire claims process to assist in your full recovery.

  • Your team at Rollins Accounting did an outstanding job of taking all the raw data for the affected business units, and formulating it into a consistent model that fully captured our Business Interruption Losses sustained. The forensic accountants who were retained by the insurance company followed your model, which allowed us to secure exceptional overall claim results in a prompt and professional manner.

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