When a fire at an apartment complex caused multiple units to be untenantable, moving tenants to vacant apartments within the complex caused the insurance carrier to declare there was no loss of rental income.


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  • Insurance carrier stated there was no lost income because all tenants remained in complex and continued to pay rent
  • Complex still experienced income loss, because the insured lost the ability to rent the impacted units
  • Income loss needed to be proven in order to overturn insurance carrier’s decision

Solutions Applied

  • Rollins looked at pre-loss vacant units and compared them with post-loss vacant units
  • There was an increase in vacant units by the exact number of units impacted by the fire loss
  • This proved that compared to pre-loss data, the complex was performing at a lower level and thus was experiencing loss of income


After we presented the analysis of the vacant units, Rollins was successful in convincing the insurance company that there was in fact a loss of rental income despite moving the tenants into other units in the complex and keeping their rent in place.


  • Comparing pre-loss vacancy data to post-loss vacancy data proved there was a loss of rental income.
  • Insurance carrier agreed and paid the loss of rental income that Rollins projected.
  • Proven loss of rental income resulted in substantial increase in claim money and a satisfied client.

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