We are very fortunate that several of our hospitality/lodging relationships who had worked with your organization after loss incidents were kind enough to recommend your firm to us. . . .Throughout the claims process you and your staff at Rollins Accounting did an exceptional job in crunching the numbers and analyzing the statistics to enable us to determine the most appropriate projection model that reflected the negative impact the incident had on operations. . . . The professional interaction of the Rollins team with our insurance carrier, CAN, and with their hired forensic accounting/consulting firm, Cowheard, Singer & Company, P.A., kept the process productive and on track when there were times where it easily could have gotten adversarial.

Lawrence A. Kestin

Glenmont Capital Management, LLC

Your team’s tireless effort did not go unnoticed as we realized the complexity of this task involves multiple properties. . . . Your solid understanding and model approach as it related to the seasonality of our business and timeshare component was also critical to the successful outcome of the claim.

Robert M. Howard

Goldkey PHR Hotels & Resorts

I have never seen so much detail as the team put forth in their efforts to document our losses, both tangible and intangible.

John G. Marshall

Hampton Roads Seafood

Now, less than one year later, I am pleased to say your performance has been way beyond what I expected, yet is exactly what I was told to expect. We had the benefit of your full service team and throughout the process, your work has been phenomenal.

Gregg Clanton

ISE America

I would like to personally thank you for the guidance you and your team provided to us during the past year as IGY attended numerous meetings with the insurance carriers for our Property and BI claims related to the hurricane in Cabo, Mexico. Without your experience and knowledge, I am certain we would not have obtained the settlement ultimately achieved.

Tom Mukamal

Island Global Yachting Ltd.

Your detailed loss statements were certainly a testament to your accounting expertise. You knew where to look for losses, and most importantly how to present them to the insurance company. We were able to continue with business as usual while you worked side by side with our staff to find all the information needed to achieve the end settlement.

Leona Ragan

Joe Ragan’s

Not only did your team compile and evaluate the information for each hotel, you did it in a timely manner, which was extremely important to us. In addition, when we received the initial measure from the insurance company you were able to quickly identify the issues to address, and to successfully maneuver this complicated loss towards final settlement.

Ian M. Gaum

LaSalle Hotel Properties

This loss was unique from other losses we had sustained, in that the business interruption loss had not yet been incurred. We knew the property was going to have to be shut down in the future to effect the repairs which, in turn, would yield a business interruption loss.

In addition to calculating the anticipated loss in a timely manner, you assisted us in determining the best time for the closure.

Although there were some coverage questions, we were able to reach a settlement before the shutdown of the resort. Your turn around and response time was exceptional.

Janette Ament

Noble House Hotels & Resorts

This was a very complex case and your guidance and expertise in measuring our losses and navigating the insurance company’s process to arrive at a settlement was impressive. Your support on our behalf, as well as that of your team was the critical factor in achieving a favorable outcome. . . . RAISI is made up of true professionals, and you were all a pleasure to work with during a very trying time.

Santo J. LaTores


The entire team at Rollins Accounting & Inventory Services, Inc. was able to quickly analyze a complex resort asset with many different revenue streams, and we appreciated your ability to deliver your analysis in a simple manner. Your constant communication between Pebblebrook and the hotel management company along with your incredible timeliness contributed to the extremely successful claim result we achieved. . . . We were highly impressed by your professionalism, timeliness, persistence and expertise throughout the entire process. We view you and Rollins as valued business partners and would highly recommend you to future clients.

Gabrielle Gordon


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