Your team at Rollins Accounting did an outstanding job of taking all the raw data for the affected business units, and formulating it into a consistent model that fully captured our Business Interruption Losses sustained. The forensic accountants who were retained by the insurance company followed your model, which allowed us to secure exceptional overall claim results in a prompt and professional manner.

Karen Coneys

ABC Carpet & Home

Our leadership believed that we needed assistance with our insurance claims with our carrier, AIG, but were not certain where to begin in that process. Luckily for us, Rollins Accounting & Inventory Services, Inc. kept coming up in conversation as a firm we needed to consider. The earnest and frequent way in which Rollins Accounting was being recommended to us made it hard for us to ignore. After careful vetting of your firm we came to the conclusion that Rollins was a credible, capable, experienced and trustworthy advocate . . . .Hiring Rollins Accounting was the best decision we made throughout this trying past year! You put us in position to be able to restore AYC to its former glory.

Debbie Grosselin & Kevin McNeil

The Annapolis Yacht Club

Our hotel had major damage on all seven floors; however, due to prior contractual commitments, we were not fully shutdown after Hurricane Isaac. This partial operation made it extremely challenging to isolate and capture all of our revenue losses and inefficiencies in operations. Adding to the complexity, during this time of partial operations the Super Bowl occurred in New Orleans, which represented major lost potential revenue. . . . Your modeling and outcomes analysis of various possible methods of determining our business income losses resulted in us presenting and justifying to our carrier Liberty Mutual those projection models that most fully captured all of our losses, setting the stage for a favorable settlement.

Allan L. Reagan

Aramcor, Inc.

The sheer volume of information that your team compiled was astounding and critical to our claim. Put simply, without your help we would have been lost and probably out of business.

Collie W. Lehn

Bailey Manor - Carolina Christian Ministries, Inc.

Your team expertly quantified the loss and defended your positions against the carrier's team. It was very apparent how much work you were doing on my behalf and you always took the time to speak with me on the phone and give me updates as to the claims progression.

Vibhu Joshi

Batavia Hospitality, Inc.

Your vision and oversight on the entire claim, including the recommendation of travel to Pittsburgh for meetings with FM Global’s accountants, resolved many accounting issues which would have otherwise been an obstacle in getting the claim settled within the desired timeframe. Amazingly, after that Pittsburgh meeting, we were able to settle the claim over the phone with FM Global avoiding the need for further meetings.

Del L Land

Beaulieu of America

I wanted to thank you and your staff at Rollins Accounting & Inventory Services, Inc. for your hard work, dedication and commitment after the recent property losses we sustained. . . . Your turnaround time to complete the requested projects was exceptional.

Marty Flaherty

Coakley Williams

I highly recommend the services of Rollins Accounting & Inventory Services, Inc. They did a great job for us in getting our claim settled quickly and efficiently for the amount we felt was owned on our Holiday Inn & Suites in Orlando, Florida.

Sam J. Friedman

Dimension Development Company

The members of the Rollins Accounting team . . . were a great choice to assist us in getting together, valuing and listing the machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures and all stages of inventory. They moved quickly and efficiently in spite of the lack of any effort from our insurance carrier. . . . Also, the financial and business interruption (B. I.) area of the claim was meticulously worked on by Aaron Parker (along with others, I am sure). I had the pleasure of working more closely with Aaron personally and was very impressed with his abilities and knowledge.

Peter G. Demetriades

ETC of Henderson, Inc.

The loss was not large per se, in any one location, but when you add up all the houses, clinics and other operations affected from this hurricane, the overall loss was significant. As you know, we are a non-profit organization serving people with disabilities and mental health challenges. In the wake of government funding cuts, we need every penny to continue the provision of quality services. Your persistence with the insurance company to ensure their full understanding of our operations facilitated the maximum recovery.

Paul Giotis

Epilepsy Foundation

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